Abbey + David

Abbey described her wedding vibe as "relaxed" & I was like, "heck yes!" Abbey & David are a really down to earth, fun-loving couple. To keep with that relaxed vibe, I made the wording pretty simple, but added in their personalities with the custom watercolor at the bottom of each invitation, which made each suite unique & special in its own way. Abbey definitely wanted some florals incorporated & having them overlap the watercolor added a little bit more dimension to their invitations. We also added a little floral piece on the reply card to poke out from the stamp. The watercolor feel is carried from the invitation to the reply card where a simple "yes" or "no" is needed from the guests. 


three colors - teal + dark teal + grey-green


• Crane's Lettra - cotton paper


• specialty envelope in the color Aquamarine
• hand painted invitations & reply cards
• printed addressing