Marbled Goodness

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I'm letting you in on a process of mine, MARBLING! (Process shot above.) I've always loved traditional marbled paper, but I don't use traditional methods because it will warp the paper. Marbling usually requires some kind of paint or ink dropped onto the surface of water & then you place the paper or other material on top to transfer the design. Using water will make my cotton paper warp & get kind of mushy. (I'm sure I could use water & make it work, but I chose not to.) Instead, I use shaving cream & different types of paint. You won't get to read about my full process (I have to keep some secrets!), but I can give you a short description of what I do. 

You'll see in the photos below that the color is a little more saturated & there is more of it, that is because I used spray paint. The awesome thing about shaving cream is that it makes marbled shapes without having to mix around the paint. With water, you have to drop the paint & then swirl it. I am able to spray out some shaving cream, smooth it how I like it & then spray some paint! The downside to using spray paint is that you have to change out your shaving cream pretty often. The gold in the middle photo is not spray paint, though. I used some metallic paint to swirl on top of the teal paint using a paint brush. 


The other way I use shaving cream is pretty much how I did the gold in the middle photo above. This time, I only used the metallic paint to create a soft marble. My fabulous bride with great taste wanted the marble to be on the back of her invitation for a pop of luxury. I custom mixed a champagne gold & brushed it over the shaving cream. This method differs from the spray paint method in that you can reuse the shaving cream more often, especially when using a light colored paint. The other awesome thing about using shaving cream & a light colored paint is that if you get shaving cream on the side of the paper you don't want it on, it wipes off easily with little to no markings! I used the brush method on a birth announcement, too, but the marble was on the front of the card. The design was pretty simple & the card needed a little umph, hence the marble.


This post needs one more process shot to finish it off. If you are local to Columbia & want to try my method of marbling, let me know! I'd love to pretend we are in preschool using shaving cream, but creating some pretty paper! (We might even get to letterpress them & make some stationery for you!) By the way, shaving cream marbling is a messy process, so be ready for some messy hands!

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Shana Wanco