Happy Halloween!

I know 10 million people say this every day, but I honestly don't even know how we got to October 31st. This year has flownnnnn by! However, I freaking love Halloween, so I'm happy that this day is here! Now that Trevor & I have our own house, we like to sit on the front porch & pass out candy. When I was a teenager, my mom would put me on candy duty & I usually hated it. I don't know why because now I love it! We're not the type to go to halloween parties or get all dressed up, so this is our way of having Halloween fun. You get to see all the cute little kids & catch the occasional fall down the street that is cringe worthy, but then hilarious when you think about it later.

We don't usually decorate the house too much for holidays because I'm too lazy to put it all away after. (Don't believe me? Just ask the Christmas lights that are still up on our front porch.) However, I do have some favorite decorations from fellow Instagramers. 

First up, a freaking adorable Ring Pop costume that would require my engineer dad to help make. Studio DIY (aka: Kelly) is the gal that I get all my clutches from every month & she doesn't skip on awesomeness when it comes to Halloween costumes. Find the tutorial here & let me know what flavor you would choose to dress up as!


Next up is Kailo Chic. She's pretty great when it comes to bright & fun home decor. These pumpkins go perfectly with my obsession for letterpress ombre right now. Biggest Halloween regret this year? Not making these pumpkins

blendo pumpkins-5.jpg

I also could fuel my love for holographic everything with these pumpkins, but alas, I'm lazy. Oh So Beautiful Paper did such a good job anyway!


Finally, I'll leave you with a really great throw back to when I was a clown with my brother. You're welcome. (Can you pick out who is who? Our bags kind of give it away.) Happy Halloween! I hope you get lots of candy, eat it all & get a stomach ache. That's the real way to do it.

Shana Wanco