What really happened??

This is the very first picture of Iris & me! Aren't we adorable?! (Bet you can't tell that I actually was pretty sick with strep in this picture.) 

This is the very first picture of Iris & me! Aren't we adorable?! (Bet you can't tell that I actually was pretty sick with strep in this picture.) 


Iris & Marie Letterpress has been in existence (legally) since May, but I bought Iris last November & I can't believe it's almost been a year! I thought this would be a good time to talk through my WHY. 

I came across Iris before I even knew I wanted to start a business. NEVER in a million years did I think I would be where I am right now. Back in college I wanted to start out at a small design firm (which I did) & then I wanted to go back to school to ultimately become a professor. Can you imagine?! Little Professor Wanco?? Ha! I actually had no idea what I wanted to do, I just needed to have a plan in case someone asked. Turned out, that plan was bogus & God had other thoughts. (Don't worry, I'm not about to get all Catholic on you right now.)

So, anyway, I came across a classified ad for an 8x12 Chandler & Price letterpress (aka: Iris) in Highpoint, NC. (FUN FACT! My family actually lived there back in the day & that is where my brother was born! Our backyard backed up to a horse pasture & it was pretty darn cool.) I saved my money that I was gifted when I graduated college 1.5 years earlier & I didn't know why I did until the moment I saw the classified. I remember I was laying in bed looking at the letterpress & I was just like "I NEED IT!" Shortly after, my dad, Trevor, my mom & I drove up to North Carolina to look at it & inspect it. I didn't need to do too much inspecting because I knew it would be mine. My dad is a great person to have around because he brings me back down to reality, especially when it comes to big purchases. He asked lots of questions, learned a lot & then agreed to bring it home for me! He went back the next week with a heavy duty trailer & they put Iris on a forklift & onto the trailer. He drove to my house & Trevor helped him unload little (but not really) Iris! It was the most exciting time! I couldn't believe (& still can't sometimes) that I now own a letterpress! The photos below kind of show the evolution of Iris as an established boss lady machine.


Now, I left out that I still had a full time job at this time. We won't get into specifics, but I'll just say that my job was bringing me down, BIG TIME. I needed to get out & it was when I was talking with my parents that I realized that I could actually do this business-entrepreneur thing. They & Trevor helped push my doubts away about myself & my capabilities. It was not only them, but also my close friends & family. Everyone was so excited & proud of me & all I did was buy a letterpress! Seriously, the people you surround yourself with really make or break you.  

In April I left my job pretty abruptly & it was time to fly away. I had learned a lot about myself & how I wanted to move on into my next venture. Thankfully I was able to get a part time job at a bakery in Columbia (the best one, I might add!) & gained a fabulous boss & coworkers. I get to be creative decorating cookies & interacting with customers during the day, then I get to buckle down with some great brides in the evening & weekends. It literally is the best life.

At my previous job I remember talking with a friend saying, "How the heck do people go to lunch or coffee or run errands in the middle of the day?! Can you even imagine a life like that??" Well, now I can because it's actually real life. I hustle, network, create beautiful stationery & can go to lunch if I want! Being able to cowork with friends & meet new people constantly brings me so much joy! I can't express enough that people are the glue that holds me. When I'm doubting myself, I usually text Trevor or my good friend Bailee. When I have a crazy question or want a buddy to work with, I usually reach out to my friend Paulene! Need some color inspo or instagram help?? I just hit up Aly from Willa Heart or Megan Carn! If I am struggling with a stupid mistake or a conflict, that's where my Mom (Tinaaaa!) comes in. 

I guess the title of this post shouldn't be "What really happened??" but instead "I'm thankful it all happened."

Shana Wanco