The First Year - a gift guide for him

I have to admit, when it coming up on mine & Trevor's first year anniversary, I was totally stumped on what to buy him. I don't even remember what I came up with that was related to paper. I've decided that no one else should have to go through the torture of figuring out what to buy a man, especially when it HAS to be paper. Now you lucky people are privileged to a whole list of great things you can get for your husband! (You're welcome.) 


This first option is probably one that you've seen before. I really wanted to get this for Trevor, but ran out of time & still haven't purchased it. Trevor wears tie clips all the time & having our invitation encapsulated in one would be really awesome! You can find this tie clip on Etsy & all you have to do is send the seller your invitation!

invite cuff link.jpg


The first year of marriage could be full of celebrations or it could be the toughest year. Either way, you're going to need some alcohol & a very nice husband to make you a cocktail. Urban Outfitters has you covered! Get your man the Tequila Kit so that he never has to worry about getting your drink perfect for you! (Why does this count towards paper? The book of cocktails, duhhh.)

tequila kit.jpeg


Alright, next up is a super cute way to add to your marriage story throughout the years. It's actually a gift for him & you! Vintage world maps are all over Etsy right now & are very colorful & fun. You can pick one out that fits your personality best & then get it framed without the glass, that way you can add on to it as the years go by. Add a tack or just a pen mark to the spots you guys travel to, starting with your honeymoon. It will be really cool after just a few years to see where you went & you can even note why you went there. 

vintage world map.jpg


Speaking of travel... if you are stuck on where to go next, then you need the Atlas of Adventure! It's a beautifully illustrated book of many different places you can go & tips & facts about the locations. Just skimming through the pages will make you want to buy a plane ticket RIGHT NOW. It will be super easy to convince your husband to whisk you away on a vacay.

atlas of adventure.jpeg


If you are like all the other people in the world, then you are obsessed with Stranger Things. My husband & I were late to the game, but that doesn't mean we aren't in love with all the characters & story lines. UO has an awesome mix tape (literally) of Stranger Things music. Now, where to find a cassette player? (If you're wondering how this counts as paper: the cassette is probably wrapped with paper soooo, there.)

stranger things cassette.jpeg


Like I said before, Trevor loves wearing tie clips & he also likes to wear the occasional tie tack. This one doesn't include anything paper, but it does hint towards a paper envelope. If you want a reminder for your husband to continuously write you love notes, then you need to buy him this envelope tie tack.

envelope tie tack.jpg


The most important thing you're going to need to buy your man is a photo book of you (& some photos of him, I guess). My husband still does not have photos of me at his desk at work & this has got to change! Artifact Uprising has a wonderful little book that is super easy to use Instagram photos with. You know that we all have insta photos, so why not compile the best ones into a book? Now your husband will have no excuse to show you off at work because he will have a whole book full of photos of you on his desk!



I love giving gifts that are personal & handmade or locally made. A gift that checks all those boxes is personal stationery. Usually you think of that as a woman's gift, but men need a nice handmade note card to write thank you's or just a hello on. Personalized stationery will bring his professionalism up a level & will hopefully make him feel a little more classy. You can find the personal stationery inquiry form on my website through the "Personal" page.


Well, that wraps up the paper gift guide for the man in your life! Let me know if you decided to go for something on this list, or if you found something cooler. I'm eager to hear what you guys spent mulah on for your significant other!

Shana Wanco