Wedding Stationery: Where do you start?


How do you tackle wedding stationery & still make it a memorable & fun planning experience? First, hire an awesome designer that aligns with your needs. Second, continue reading this blog. 


Save the dates:

You don't have to have them, but they are super fun! Soooo I recommend getting them. The more custom, the better! Custom anything is always really exciting to put together. Have you ever designed a custom sneaker online? In high school I always customized Converse online & then kept imagining how awesome it would be if I actually owned them. It always made me feel ultra cool & unique when I was creating a custom sneaker. I'm sure you had a similar feeling when you customized something entirely just for you. Now, channel that feeling & imagine customizing your save the dates to match your personality just like you did with those sneakers. Your save the dates are supposed to be funky, cool, sophisticated, unique, quirky or whatever shows off your personality! However, no matter what you choose your save the dates to look like, make sure you send them out 6-8 months before your wedding date. Take note!



Alright, so wedding invitations are very similar to save the dates in the feeling of customization that you get. Invitations are usually more traditional, swanky & fancy than a save the date, but again, YOU DO YOU. Don't forget, this is YOUR wedding, so get your stationery exactly how you want it. I consider wedding stationery an heirloom from your wedding day for you to cherish for the rest of your marriage. This is why it's so important to have it designed exactly how you envision it.


If you really liked the whole customization thing about save the dates, just get ready for invitations! Going fancier usually just means choosing more options & additions. You might want calligraphy or a hand dyed silk ribbon to signify that you are a classy gal. I like to take it old school with a custom wax seal or even bring in some flair with a colored envelope. The possibilities are literally endless, which is why having the perfect designer is key. Make sure you choose someone that fits your needs & overall style.

Another key part of custom stationery is giving the designer you chose enough time to complete your vision. Typically, your invitations will be sent to your guests 6-8 weeks before your wedding date. While that seems like plenty of time to get some design work done, your stationery designer might disagree. I ask brides to have 4 months designated to design & printing time since everything I create is custom & printed in-house. This time might differ from designer to designer, but always check with them!

Day-of Stationery: 

I think this is the most overlooked of all the stationery. It's really easy to take a deep breath after your save the dates & invitations to go out & forget about the actual wedding day. More than likely, you're going to need programs & menu cards. You might even need escort cards or bar signage. All of these things still take time to create & the time needed still varies amongst designers. Again, make sure you give yourself enough time to search for the right designer-bride match that works for you. When it comes to day-of stationery, I ask brides to set aside 1.5-2 months of design & printing time. 

I really only gave you a short, basic overview of wedding stationery right now, but don't fret! I will be giving more tips & tricks in blog posts to come! If there is ever something that you are curious about or need help with regarding wedding stationery (or even just life in general), shoot me an email & I can try to answer it in an upcoming blog! 

Shana Wanco