Giving You the Details - Volume One

In December of 2107 (that sounds so far away!) I posted a blog about how to jump into your wedding stationery. You have so much joy when you get engaged, but sometimes the rest of the details that come along with getting married can become overwhelming. The first blog was teaching you how to get your thoughts inline & ready to start thinking about the stationery direction you want to go in. It's very important to know you & your fiance's personalities, wants & needs before you jump into design & printing of your wedding package. This is completely true with the rest of your wedding planning from flowers to stationery to reception food. Make sure you are on the same page & know what you want to make your day as memorable & tailored to you as possible.

Okay, now that we've taken care of that little recap, let's get into the next volume of this video series: paper & invitation elements. My goal with these videos is to take the behind the scenes look that I show on my Instagram stories & bring them to a place you can view them at any time. I have heard from many people that they like my Insta stories & I want to help brides & grooms throughout their whole stationery planning process, even if they are not one of my clients.

So let's get into the video!



You will see the cotton paper that is standard throughout all of the suites I design & all three of the color options available. Another type of paper that I use & show in the video is handmade deckle edge paper. Below I'm linking the top three deckle edge paper companies that I work with so that you can take a look at what they have to offer. 



Fabulous Fancy Pants: the name is amazingggg & so is the paper! They have two colors, off white cotton rag & matte black cotton rag. They also make envelopes with a pointed flap & that makes me smile!


Silk & Willow: They have one color: an off white cotton rag & they make that in multiple paper & envelope sizes. They do make envelopes with a square flap & Silk & Willow makes amazing ribbon & twine. It is your one stop shop for everything textured & organic feeling.


Artfull Messages: Sharon over at Artfull Messages is awesome! She creates lots of colors & even adds in some textures as seen in the photo above. She makes pale pink, mustard & sage colored papers (just to name a few) along with matching euro flap envelopes! Dreamyyy!



I go through each element of the invitation. Save the dates can be a lot more unique, fun &/or simplified, so I did not get into that wording in this video. If you'd like to see some save the date design & wording examples, please let me know! I'd be happy to show you some inspiration!

The layout of your invitation & all the typographic elements are up to you. If you want to go more traditional with your stationery style, then having more words is common. Modern design leans more towards less words & more negative or white space. You can definitely push the boundaries when it comes to the design, just consult with your designer & be specific about the vision you have. 

Your wedding is all about you & your fiance, so make it reflect who you two are in that moment of your life together. Your stationery is an heirloom piece that you will look back on for years to come in your marriage. I say it a lot in the video, but YOU DO YOU!


Shana Wanco