Bahamas Bride


When I found out that my brother-in-law & future sis-in-law were getting married in the Bahamas, I was a little nervous. Financially, it wasn’t very ideal for Trevor (my husband) & me. However, after I thought about a week of vacation with a celebration to end the awesome trip, I felt better. PLUS it meant I was able to create a super gorgeous & unique wedding suite! *praise hands!*

Luckily, my sister in law is totally awesome & was open to all the possibilities. We decided on a formal, but relaxed look, which is not always easy to pull off. She loved the organic feel of deckled edge paper & wanted a watercolor wash to let her guests have a taste of the clear blue ocean they would soon dip their toes in. (Maybe it would entice them even more to come along for the trip!) To keep formal, we decided to go for rose gold ink & gold leaf on the bottom of the invite. The watercolor wash was only seen again on the RSVP, but the rose gold ink was carried throughout the whole package. Along with all these stellar details, I drew a custom & simple “W” for them with some greenery, since she was having mostly hints of greenery at her wedding. We also tied the suite with some beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon (as if the suite needed any more beauty!)

I’d have to say that I captured the Bahamas feel even though I’d never been to such a beautiful oasis *thumbs up for Shana!* But after the week was over, this suite mimicked this paradise PERFECTLY. We stayed at Atlantis & enjoyed some fun in the sun. I got a spray tan for the first time 2 days before the trip & let’s just say it didn’t go so well (my elbow looked like I had a weird skin problem & I became a whole different person). I’m pretty pale & I wanted to spice my body up a little bit, but I’m never doing that again! Even though little things didn’t go smoothly leading up to the vacation (hello crazy spray tan & dress alterations trouble), we had an AMAZING time & I wish we could go back just for the family time. It’s always great to take time out of our busy lives & enjoy some serious down-time with family. We laughed so hard, drank so much & relaxed our butts off!

Being a wedding stationery designer & printer, it’s not just about the end product; to me it’s also about the story that your invitation tells. For my sibling-in-law’s, it was about giving a glimpse into the fun & memorable trip ahead while telling people, “Hey! We’re finally getting hitched!” If I had to, I’d do it all over again because it means that my sister & brother-in-law now have a heirloom piece that represents their special week.

(p.s. Trevor & I went to Disney on the way back to SC, which was a VERY close second to being in the Bahamas! A little Disney never hurt nobody!)