Our Favorite Place


I’m sure you have a favorite place to travel to & it’s near & dear to your heart. We do, too! Every time my husband & I go on a trip, we get so relaxed & fueled up for what’s to come when we get back home. Where is our favorite place you ask?

It’s this place! Plumtree, NC to be exact! (& we are going back really soon & are SUPER excited!) We stumbled upon it when we sent my parent’s there for a thank you gift after our wedding. They needed some R&R & we wanted to spoil them, on a budget of course. They came across the only restaurant/brewery/lodge there & now we visit frequently (& get offered jobs every time we go)!

If you don’t have a place to escape to that isn’t too far away from your home & doesn’t cost a lot, THEN FIND ONE RIGHT NOW! It is vital to step away from the busy life we all have & get energized again. We are always pumped for life after visiting Plumtree & our friends at The Blind Squirrel Brewery.

BTW: this post is me giving you permission to go visit our happy place. Usually when I find a jewel, I tend to keep it a secret. But we love this place so much that I HAVE to tell people. We offer to take our friends & family with us all the time & continue to push trips on them. One day they’ll cave in. (I’m looking at you, Bailee & Jessica!) *wink!*

When we go on these trips, I try really hard to imagine myself working in this environment every day. Trevor & I are determined to move near Plumtree one day & we want to live a more simple life. Not like off the grid or anything, just a little less chaotic. Imagining myself in a more simple life actually helps me focus on the big picture of my business. It gets my head out of the clouds, forces me to talk through things & get substantial advice from others. It helps me refocus my goals & get back into gear to take on my next project.

Seriously, you heard it from me. TAKE THAT VACATION & GET BACK IN THE GAME. End of pep talk. *thumbs up*

Shana Wanco