Wait. My brother is getting married?!

So in July 2016 my Mom & I took a trip to Chicago on July 4th weekend. My brother, Brian was working outside Chicago for his internship & we went up for a long weekend to visit. We had not seen him for about a month & a half; it was a nice little trip! What I didn't know was that we weren't just there to say hey & do some touristy things.

We were sitting in a pizza restaurant for our first meal there & my Mom & brother were talking some kind of gibberish. It seemed like they were beating around the bush about something & I couldn't figure it out. FInally, Brian says that he wants Mom & I to help him pick out a ring for his girlfriend, Betsy because he was going to propose soon. What did emotional Shana do? CRY! Not just a little tear & a "congrats." Nope. Definitely did a hardcore sob on my brother's shoulder & kept going on for a while. Now, just so you know, my brother is a little head strong & doesn't show emotion a whole lot, so it was touching that he hugged me while I happy cried. After a few seconds & realizing that I wasn't slowing down anytime soon he let go of me like, "Who the heck is this crazy person I'm related to??"


^^ This photo was taken moments before he told me he was buying a ring & before I sobbed my eyes out.

We spent the day going to different stores & figuring out what he could get in his price range but most importantly, what Betsy would want to wear for the rest of her life. It was really fun to see my little brother in this position & being an actual adult. He wasn't my little brother anymore that begged me to let him play with my Barbies (don't tell him I said that), played store, built forts, would fight with me so hard & was a smart mouth (oh wait, that still happens daily). He was graduating college soon & GETTING MARRIED!


Finally, after a year of having the ring, he drove up to Virginia where Betsy lives & took her out for a nice, romantic dinner in D.C. After dinner, they strolled to the Jefferson Memorial & he proposed while her sister & friend stood in the shadows recording he whole thing. Betsy called me around 11 PM that night & I answered hesitantly, not knowing what the call was about. She told me that they had exciting news & that they were engaged. Can you guess what I did? Oh yea, I CRIED! Duh! I couldn't even talk. Then they told Trevor after I called him into the room & from there the rest is just happiness.


After all the planning, parties, dress fittings & invitation designing, THE WEEKEND IS FINALLY HERE! Can you guess who designed the wedding stationery? (Hint: It's me.) I never thought that I would be designing & printing my brother's wedding stationery, but here I am! Even while typing their names on the save the date proofs, I still couldn't believe that he is getting married. He's actually not my little brother anymore. I mean, he is technically, but there's no more mistaking us as twins as little kids, or beating each other up over stupid kid stuff. Brian & Betsy are off to start their own life & family together, just like my husband & I are. Hopefully we can still make awesome, lifelong memories with our families like we made together back in the day.

Congrats to the beautiful couple! Welcome to the Kubilius family, Betsy! (We are just a tad crazy. I think you can handle it.)

Cue the old photos of Bri & me!


(I'm not crying, you're crying!)

Shana Wanco