Group Letterpress Class

Group Letterpress Class


Want to take a letterpress class, but don’t want to do it alone? Well then bring your friends! This group letterpress class will hold 5 students & each person will get to experience every part of the letterpress process.

There are currently two dates available in August. Please choose how many classes you want to purchase & which date you want to attend.

This class covers the basics of letterpress while printing your own personal stationery & jamming out to music (probably rap) with Shana in her home studio. You will be mixing ink, running the press & learning how to set up some parts of the process. Be prepared to come with your sneakers on & an old T-shirt, we will get a little messy! At the end of the class, you will be walking away with 15 letterpress printed A2 cards & envelopes in an Iris & Marie graphic, & the basics skills needed to run a 1920’s Chandler & Price letterpress!

Time allotted for this class is 3 hours.

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Included in the class:

• 3 hours of learning time
• 50 letterpress A2 cards & envelopes

This class is ideal for you if…

• you have a basic knowledge of graphic design &/or printmaking
• you like working with your hands
• you are comfortable working in lightly air conditioned spaces
• you like to hang out with a fellow creative lady
• you don’t mind getting a little ink on your hands
• you have good hand-eye coordination
• you want to expand your printmaking horizons