Who's Iris?

Iris is a 1920's Chandler & Price that once lived in Highpoint, NC in a print shop where she spent her days diligently printing for fellow pressman. When he passed, she was purchased and restored back to life by a father & daughter duo, and that's where I come into the story! Iris wasn't in my plan, but deep down I felt as if we were meant to be as soon as I saw she was up for adoption. After paying her a visit, she came back home to Columbia, SC and now lives in our quaint little garage. I consider her a little old lady who spins with all of her might to help me bust out some awesome invitations, stationery & business cards. She inherited her name from my grandfather, whose favorite flower was an Iris. He was the biggest influence in my creative journey and he deserves all the credit. I'm so honored that Iris gets to carry on his legend each time we print together! 


Who's Marie?

That's me, Shana (Marie) Kubilius Wanco! My life has always been about creating. From when I painted with my grandfather and thrived at art camp as a little girl to aspiring to be a graphic designer as I approached my college years at Francis Marion in Florence, SC.

My first taste of letterpress printing came from one of my college professors and it didn't take long to fall in love with the old-school, handmade feel of the entire process. After graduating, I hustled at my first 9-5 only to realize that I needed to find my "happy" again and serve clients with the best experience imaginable. I knew I could give someone a magical product that pushed boundaries with the new techniques I longed to experiment with. I knew I was made for so much more and couldn't wait to share it with others. That is when "Iris & Marie" was born.  


The Studio

I'm proud of my little garage studio, not because it's fancy and full of all the bells and whistles, but because it is where I get to create unique pieces of stationery for awesome people! My in-home studio is our formal living room turned creative space despite the reservations my husband once had. Some days are spent diligently creating within those walls and some days are more productive cranking out work from our big, comfy couch. Iris resides in my second studio space, the garage. In the summer, the warm temperatures can be gruesome and in the winter I can't get enough layers, but I wouldn't change it one bit.